Dealing with Allergies

Being someone who has suffered from allergies for years I can say that there are times when I am absolutely miserable. I have the usual pet hair issues from animals like cats, most dogs, and horses. In addition I suffer from an allergy problem caused by all different types of grasses and rag weed.

Dealing with Allergies

Depending on the time of year I can be just fine on a drippy mess. The allergy medications that have been prescribed for me do help at times but I find they can be quite drying and they make me feel shaky. At my age I will not be outgrowing my allergy issues anytime soon.

As a kid I did not have any allergies. I could rub my face on any dog or cat and be just fine. It was not until I was all grown up and had my kids that I began to develop some odd allergy issues. Now whenever the spring season is here I begin to itch and sneeze. The doctor told me that this is quite common and that body chemistry changes and with that a person can develop an allergy to something where there was none before. Lucky me because now I have to deal with all that goes with my new allergy issues!

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