Murphy’s Law As A Martial Arts Weapon

Have you ever heard of “Murphy’s Law”? It basically says, “whatever can go wrong will.” And in a street-fight, this is more true than anywhere else.

In fact, if there’s one difference between a martial artist who has never been in a real fight, and a martial artist who has been in real fights…it’s the knowledge that anything and everything can and will go wrong 99% of the time.

In other words, you can practice a kick or punch all day long for a year straight. You can have pin point accuracy and know where all the vital areas are. You can be the “best” in your martial arts class and have multiple black belts.

But in a real fight, where dirt can be thrown in your eyes, people can pull weapons, and even your immediate surroundings can get in your way (a patch of ice or snow, for example), the chances of you pulling everything off exactly as you do in training are zero to none.

Trust me on this. I’ve been in real street-fights. It’s never pretty and nothing ever goes the way you think. And yet, strange as it may sound…this is actually GOOD news for you.


Because Murphy’s Law applies just as much to the guy (or guys) you’re fighting as it does to you.
Believe me, they’re going to have the same things go wrong for them. It’s not going to be all peaches and cream for the bad guys, either.

And that’s why, if you know, learn and understand street-fighting — which is completely different than tournament arts like tae-kwon-do, for example — you’ll have the immediate ability to adapt and improvise when things go wrong.

But your attackers probably won’t.

Which means, when you are good at street-fighting, Murphy’s Law almost becomes one of your secret weapons. An “ally” that can help you out of a jam, instead of making matters worse.