The Best Sunglasses

We spent 12 hours analyzing the market and comparing seven popular sunglasses to find that the Polaroid PLD 1015 / S is currently the best value for the money.

The Best Sunglasses

Polaroid PLD 1015/S

Made of plastic and accompanied by a case and a cloth, they can cope with strong lights. Polarized, anti-glare and gradient lenses allow you to see clearly while keeping your eyes hidden and eliminating unwanted glare. Their green tint is effective in any environment. The rectangular frame is more suitable for small round or oval faces. In addition to being pretty and timeless, buyers emphasize their comfort, lightness, and good fit.


Entirely made of plastic, these sunglasses provide Category 3 protection against strong UV rays. They help keep vision clear and distortion-free despite the dark tint, and buyers say the brightness is perfect for driving. The square frameworks are well on more rounded faces, and it holds well on the nose. In addition, coated glasses are neither too small nor too large.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Lightweight and comfortable, they have anti-reflective lenses that are particularly scratch-resistant. With polarized lenses and mirror effects, they hide your eyes and provide protection against strong rays. The green tint helps to keep a clear vision. A fine metal structure surrounds its aviator design. This shape is more suitable for square faces. Finally, among the accessories provided, there is a carrying case and a cloth.

Oakley Holbrook

These polarized glasses have lenses that adapt to the light, suppress glare, and completely obscure your eyes. These filter out big suns and counter strong lights while maintaining a clear image with HDO technology. Their half-modern, half-vintage style is timeless, and the frame is comfortable to wear and suitable for round faces. The manufacturer provides a case and a cloth. But beware, because of the polarization, the vision may be too dark in some environments.

Polaroid PLD 1013 / S

Equipped with small anti-reflective and polarized category three lenses, they protect against UV rays and highlights. They guarantee good color perception and clear vision. The oval and round frame fits very well on a more square or angular face. In addition to their beautiful look, they are light and comfortable and present overall good value for money. Despite everything, buyers deplore their fragility.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132

Available in different versions, these glasses are fitted with category three mineral lenses. They, therefore, protect against strong lights and benefit from anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatments. The G15 shade offers good clarity and excellent visual comfort. The square design is ideal for round or oval faces, and the performance is suitable for various practices. In addition, the vintage frame is light and comfortable to wear.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016

They effectively block the sun’s high-intensity rays (absorb up to 85% of the light) while providing excellent visibility thanks to their green tint and scratch-resistant lenses. Their vintage style guarantees a timeless look and their square shape fits perfectly in its hard case. On the other hand, the lenses are not polarized for the basic model, but other versions offer the option.

How to Choose Your Sunglasses?

An essential accessory for vacationers, sunglasses are essential to preserving your eyes and their contours as well as your eyelids. However, a large number of models on the market and the price competition can complicate your choice.

Therefore, we have defined a list of criteria to take into account before making the purchase:

  • The type of glass: mineral glasses have the advantage of resisting scratches but not shocks, unlike organic glasses, which are lighter and more resistant. As for polycarbonate lenses, they offer the best protection. Polarized lenses act as anti-reflection, and photochromatic lenses adapt to the brightness.
  • The protection index ranges from 0 to 4 and makes it possible to judge the glasses’ effectiveness. At 0, they are rather aesthetic; at one, they are designed for low sunshine; at two, they are for medium rays; at three, they are good protection for strong lights; and at four, they are made for large mountain suns (skiing, mountaineering, etc.). However, be aware that gadget sunglasses are often close to 0.
  • Treatments: The different treatments can further improve the quality of glasses. For a model to be considered excellent, it must benefit from an anti-reflection, an anti-fingerprint, an anti-fog, and a thinning of the glass. This last point is more aesthetic, but it is also more comfortable in that it is lighter.
  • The tint of the glasses: each tint color has its specificity. Gray offers a faithful reproduction of colors; brown increases contrasts and protects well but can suggest a lack of visibility, and vice versa for yellow. Finally, green is effective for any reason. The other colors are more aesthetic but much less efficient.
  • The design: one theory says that for a round face, a geometric pair is interesting. For square faces, choose a rounder frame. Finally, rectangular faces work best with oval models. To choose the ideal size, know that the top edges should not obscure your eyebrows, and the bottom edges should be above the cheeks. In addition, stylists generally advise matching the color of the glasses to the color of your hair.
  • The frame: it plays an essential role in comfort. Plastic is used very often because it is cheaper. Titanium is very light, and it is resistant to impact and water. Very light also, aluminum is very popular but is less solid. Carbon fiber displays better durability. More expensive, cellulose acetate is more environmentally friendly. Finally, the wood is environmentally friendly and very comfortable.


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